The proposal

The proposal is the most intimate celebration of your love. It’s the event through which you will declare your adoration with passion and strength. Diamant Brut will conceive with you an original and unique frame to reveal your love in all its magic.

The Vow renewal

We have loved each other, we love each other, and we always will. The passage of time made your marriage stronger. Diamant Brut will assist you in this affirmation of your profound conviction, that together, each day is more beautiful than the one before.


Life is a celebration, and each year that passed strengthened your relationships, loves, friendships and family. Allow us to assist you in organizing a festive gathering that will resemble you and delight your loved ones.


It is the celebration of life, of motherhood, of femininity at its peak. Diamant Brut will know how to create a feminine event full of serenity and joy to share this special milestone in your life with all your friends and relatives.


The first step in your child’s life, filled with love and trust. Diamant Brut will enhance this beautiful day so that the family you are creating enjoys this day peacefully.

Bachelor and Bachelorette party

It is the gathering by which is celebrated the end of an era and the beginning of a whole new one in joy and nostalgia. Diamant Brut will guide you to make it a special event filled with original ideas and warm emotions.

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